Bethany Bernsconi, AMS Dean of Instruction, Speaks to NH State Board of Education on PACE

One of the greatest honors I have in being the Dean of Instruction for AMS, is the opportunity to carry the stories of our school, our teachers, and our students and share them with others.  Sometimes the audience is small and other times much broader. Regardless, every time it is a privilege to raise my voice for all of them.  AMS has been part of the NH PACE pilot (Performance Assessment for Competency Education) for the past two years.  Through support and partnership with the NH Department of Education, our teachers have engaged in the difficult and essential work of examining teaching and learning in our school in order to refine our practice to better meet the needs of every student.  I could not be prouder of the work teachers have poured themselves into and what it means for our students, our children.  On May 11th, I was presented the opportunity to advocate for the students of NH through sharing our story with the NH State Board of Education.

If you are looking for more information on Pace, please click on the link below from the NH Department of Education.