Goals, Goalies, and Girls – On A.I.R. Interviews SHS Girls Hockey Coach- Kelli Braley

Take a look… On. A.I.R. interviews Kelli Braley, SHS Girls Hockey Coach


Parent Commentary
I have had the pleasure of meeting Kelli Braley through On Air and have seen first-hand her kindness and enthusiasm for what she does. Kelli wears many hats, one of them being the girl’s hockey coach at SHS. Kelli has created a hockey program where girls of all skill sets can be part of a team and feel welcomed. As a parent, I find this refreshing, considering how competitive sports have become for our children these days. It is reassuring that a coach like Kelli is offering girls the opportunity to build confidence and learn new skills even if they have never played the sport before. I am grateful she is part of the SHS community and setting the right example for our daughters.
– Shannon Daniel