SAU #39 Director of Finance, Katie Hannan, Completes Primex Emerging Leaders Program

Amherst, NH- November 29, 2017

Katie Hannan, Director of Finance for SAU#39 recently completed an intensive leadership development program. The Primex3 Emerging Leaders Program is a dynamic 7-month professional development opportunity to develop the competencies needed to grow in leadership effectiveness. A cohort of 16 individuals with high leadership potential from the Primex3 membership who were nominated and endorsed by their supervisors were selected and participated in a competency-building curriculum including workshops, discussion boards, self-directed learning, simulations and assessments including an assessment which provides perspectives on their behavioral style, personal motivators, and emotional intelligence. Additional, each participant completed a 360 assessment which measures an individual’s ability in 16 key competency areas. These 16 differentiating competencies are statistically derived and proven to set apart the best leaders from their counterparts.

As part of the required curriculum, Katie Hannan worked with a mentor to identify, manage, and implement a project that would positively benefit their organization. Results of the project were delivered in a presentation on their project to their mentors, fellow Emerging Leaders Program participants, and instructors. The presentation included information on identifying the project need, evaluation of the implementation process, deliverables and future actions. The program concluded with a celebration luncheon and graduation ceremony.