UPDATE on Consolidating Our Three School Districts into One

At the SAU #39 Board meeting on December 19, 2017 consolidation of our three school districts (Amherst, Mont Vernon and the Souhegan Cooperative) was discussed.

After a lengthy discussion with school district attorneys, it was decided that a consolidation warrant article would not be placed on any of the district warrants in March of 2018.

Instead, a comprehensive consolidation plan would be presented by SAU management to the SAU #39 Board in the fall of 2018.

Notification of the meeting time(s), date(s) and place(s) will be forthcoming in August of 2018.



Over the last few years, SAU 39 has been developing and implementing a long-range strategic plan for our three districts. One of the goals is to consolidate processes and resources across the SAU to become a more efficient and effective school system by “investigating options for school district configurations, in order to achieve operational efficiency.”

In March of 2016, a warrant article asked voters to authorize the creation of a cooperative school district planning committee to explore the possibility of forming a cooperative school district. Seventy-eight percent of those that voted said “yes.”

During the spring and fall of 2016, a committee made up of citizens, board members from each of the districts, and school and SAU administrators was formed. The committee met regularly and reported back to all of our boards.

Here are our next steps:

Our school boards and administration will…

  1. Schedule a series of forums with both towns (late spring 2017/early fall 2017)
  2. Assemble and publicize information from the forums, along with Frequently Asked Questions


Peter Warburton, SAU 39 Superintendent of Schools